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Hello and welcome to my website. With over 20 years’ experience working as a trained GP and medical professional, I will help you improve your health and wellness through proven, evidence-based information and practices.

My Vision

I would like to share evidence based information to help improve your health with lifestyle changes.

I share evidence-based information to help improve your health with simple lifestyle changes for a better quality of life through improved physical and mental health.

The global burden on chronic disease is on the rise and most of the health issues in the western world are unfortunately related to our lifestyle choices. Problems like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes type 2 are very much related to processed diets, high levels of stress as well as a lack of sleep.

Having learnt from experience with patients as well as my own self-care methods, I know that there is so much that can be done to get to the root cause of our health problems. Simple changes in day-to-day routine can empower mental and physical wellbeing. This has become my passion as I have been witnessing the improvements by making simple lifestyle changes. I have supported family and friends as well as my own patients with Lifestyle Medicine and the results have been remarkable.

I want to use this platform to invite you to feel motivated towards better health by using simple methods and practices every day.


I met Anni in my workplace by chance. At that time, I was at my all-time low. One of my concerns was a health issue which I had received, having been ill for some time and consultants just not giving me what I needed. Anni really helped me with guidance and heard me and was taking everything a step at a time, so as not to overload me. In addition to discussions we had she emailed me information which included leaflets on stress, diet and lifestyle.  Anni also gave me advice on how to incorporate certain foods into my diet to help me with my health. I always looked forward to the weekly emails, updates and leaflets. She recommended books that would help me and I love them.

I would highly recommend Anni. She goes the extra mile AND then some more. She has a wealth of knowledge, information and understanding. I have even started a journal; something she felt would benefit me.  If anyone feels unsure about taking that first step, then don’t. Anni has really made a difference to my life and I am so much happier and healthier.



I contacted Dr. Tripathi to discuss a natural way to alleviate menopause symptoms and stress caused by a very demanding job.

Anni asked me to fill in a general form about myself, my daily routines, habits, work etc. prior to our first meeting.

To my surprise, during our first session, Anni seemed had grasped a lot more information from that form that I would have imagined, and gave me some truly helpful advice about how to effectively target stress and menopausal symptoms like weight gain, fatigue and mood swings. Through a balanced diet, exercise and more time spent on activities that positively influence my mood.

Small changes are easy to implement and maintain, and I am certainly feeling much better now that I have slightly adjusted my daily routine.

Anni is very gentle, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable, I would thoroughly recommend her services to anyone who suffers from stress, anxiety and other symptoms caused by the menopause.



A year ago I experienced one of the worst explosions of my Atopic Dermatitis. It had covered my entire body and I had never imagined that I would be incapacitated because of a skin ailment. I tried many treatments including allopathic and ayurvedic but none could deliver long lasting relief. I got the chance to consult with Dr. Anni in the Summer of 2022 and I felt that it was the first time somebody actually listened to me and how I felt. And the remarkable thing was that the solution involved was simple and easy to understand. Dr. Anni made me feel like I was incharge of my path to good health.

She recommended a few supplements and simple changes in my lifestyle. Today, I feel well on my way to a much better quality of life and the best part about it is that I feel in control. Thank you very much Dr. Anni.



I am so lucky to have found Dr. Anni when I was struggling to deal with my anxiety and panic attacks . A thorough professional, she got to the root of the issue, provided advice and guidance with genuine empathy. She made me feel safe and with her recommendations on food, medication and meditation, I am back on my feet now and doing very well.



I just wanted to let you know that in my last three months of interaction with you how impressed I am with the results. I was positively surprised by my NHS results. Right from the onset, you were honest regarding yours and my limitations and outcomes of this process. You always kept my objectives before your own interests. I was also impressed with your constant and clear communication during this process, and I find your knowledge current and relevant. While you maintained a high degree of professionalism, you never compromised on kindness and encouraged me to be kind to myself as well. I wish you all the best and hope that you keep bringing happiness to people with whom you interact, I also wish that many more lives benefit from this positive interaction – a big thanks to you- keep it up!



Dr Anni your guidance on healthy lifestyle is certainly an eye opener. My family is very fortunate and are continually making those life changes that are helping us through all your suggestions and guidance.

Thank you very much. We look forward to your continued and positive guidance in the future



Dear Anni

Just wanted to tell you I was able to get the prescription from my GP and  after reading your articles I have  changed my diet but still slip when it comes to Indian food.

I have also started to learn swimming and I was able to swim today!

Just wanted to share this. I am really happy I spoke to you thank you



It has been a great pleasure to have worked with Dr Anni Tripathi at the Jersey Practice for well over 12 years. During this period, I have found her to be unassuming, humble, polite and a calm General Practitioner who is very kind to her patients as well as colleagues.

Clinically she is a prolific reader and learner amassing an array of Diplomas under her belt, the most recent being a foray into lifestyle medicine which I have benefitted from through her advices and which I think would become medicine of the future. Another aspect of her journey which I have observed is her flair and the powerful use of the language which when developed and nurtured could see her as an excellent writer. Anni has an excellent work, social and family life balance which she has been able to combine effectively to my admiration.

A caring, knowledgeable, dedicated Doctor with a good listening ear is what is needed in a good primary care physician and Dr Anni Tripathi possesses all these qualities and attributes and I recommend her very highly

Dr Stephen A Olufunwa

Dr Stephen A Olufunwa

M.SL.BO.AASS.DAnonymousS.BDr Stephen A Olufunwa

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