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Training as a medical student and working as a GP for over 17 years has given me the opportunity to gain experience in a wide range of areas such as gynaecology, care of the elderly, paediatrics, and emergency treatment. I have since specialised further in paediatrics and family planning.

As part of family planning, I specialise in women’s health issues, from hormonal concerns in early teens to supporting women through their childbearing years, as well as midlife changes. I am a member of the PBHP UK as well as the British Menopause Society. Additionally, I help patients manage chronic health problems like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and life after cancer diagnosis. It is this broad experience of healthcare and medicine which sparked my interest in Lifestyle Medicine.

18 months ago, I started to formally study Lifestyle Medicine and completed my Diploma with the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. With this training I have been able to learn from the latest evidence-based research. This has breathed new life into my work as it helps me to guide my patients to the root cause of their health conditions. I have also taken training in health coaching which helps me use methods to successfully help implement small changes that can be easier for patients to adopt in everyday life.

Since following the practices of Lifestyle Medicine myself, I have also seen great results. The improvement I have seen since changing my lifestyle choices for better health, has driven me to share this information with my patients.

Also, since practicing Lifestyle Medicine on patients, I have seen significant results such as improvements in blood pressure and weight, as well as better diabetic control. For me, the reward is when a patient experiences life changing results with so many of my patients wishing they had known about Lifestyle Medicine sooner.

Something that I have to keep at the forefront of my mind is weight, as I tend to put on weight very quickly, I have always been mindful of what I eat and try to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Eating healthily is something I learnt from a young age as I grew up eating healthy food cooked by my Asian mother who was passionate about feeding me nutritious meals using home-grown produce.

Having struggled with my own weight I have tried many ways to lose weight including various diets, low carb diets and keto. I always found that no matter how hard I tried, none of these methods resulted in me being able to maintain a healthy weight or feel well within myself.

Over last two years I started noticing symptoms of fatigue, experiencing body aches, brain fog and a loss of energy. I was also gaining weight despite following a low carb, keto diet at the time.

Being vegetarian, my options were limited to cheese and dairy on the keto diet which I loved but I never felt satisfied. I experienced a constant feeling of being deprived of the nutrients my body needed. After experiencing these symptoms, I had blood tests done to investigate. The results showed that my cholesterol was high. Coming from an Asian background I was aware of the genetic risks of central obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. Several of my family members were obese with at least one or two chronic health problems and so this really encouraged me to look further into the practice of Lifestyle Medicine.

While studying Lifestyle Medicine I was introduced to the potential benefits of a whole food plant based (WFPB) diet; a diet which I have been sceptical of in the past. After looking into how a WFPB diet supported immunity as well as hormonal health, I wanted to try it myself and see if I experienced any positive changes to my own health.

I followed the WFPB diet for three months. I felt full and satisfied all the time whilst on the WFPB diet. I was enjoying most of my home cooked meals which I had not been able to eat on other diets. The WFPB diet included many fruits and whole grains providing me with fibre and slow-release energy. Soon, I felt more energetic and had lost 7lbs in weight as well as a few centimetres around my waist. My cholesterol had dropped from 5.7 to 4.1 in just in three months! Despite this, I remained sceptical but decided to continue with the change as it was proving to be good for my body.

During this time I also undertook multiple courses such as the Winchester course for plant based nutrition which helped me learn more about the subject and has helped enable me to share my learnings today. A link to this course can be found in the resource section of this website. As well as this course I attended health coaching training as well as a mindfulness certification course.

After 18 months I decided to prescribe the diet as my bloods still show a sustained control of cholesterol. My weight remains in the healthy zone, and I am satisfied, and fuller for longer. As a plus, evidence has shown that this diet supports the planet’s well-being too!

After changing my diet, I also decided to focus on my mental wellbeing too. I have made an effort to practice mindfulness regularly and make exercise a priority. I also make time for things I enjoy like connecting with like-minded people and being sociable again as we move out of the pandemic.

Now, I would love to share my journey and my practices with others, so they can experience the benefits of Lifestyle Medicine too.

Lifestyle Medicine is an evidence-based approach to maintain healthy behaviour, with the aim to improve quality of life and longevity. It includes every aspect of one’s emotional and physical wellbeing by using ‘The Six Pillars of Health’.

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I have supported The Narayan Seva Sansthan charity for many years and support their efforts in helping less abled children and adults, by providing free treatment to them as well as supporting them to learn life skills. Ten percent of all income from my lifestyle business will be donated to this charity. Find out more about them by visiting their website below:

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