Hello from me!

I have been asked during last few months, what my aim is with this website?

So I thought of sharing what led me to making this and what my vision is. I have always been interested in what more can be done as a health professional. As I did the Diploma of Lifestyle Medicine it has inspired me to not just look after my own wellbeing but to share the information with others. My learning over last few years has made me realise that looking after one’s health does not need to be complicated. There are so many simple steps to better health. I am currently learning about nutrition and how our choices of what we eat, have an impact on not just our health but how we engage with the wider community.  

I want to share what I know. I love experimenting with my time, learning ways to inspire anyone wanting to improve their health and exploring new ways of connecting with people. 

This is just a small attempt to do this.

This website is not an attempt to show I know it all or I have cracked the secret for wellbeing, as my own ups and downs of life continue. However, I have gathered tools which support my wellbeing and I hope to help you in building your own tool kit for better health. The money generated (if any) from this project will go to the charity Narayen Seva Sansthan.( https://www.narayanseva.org). I believe in the work this charity has been doing for several years. I have seen amazing results when some people from my home town in India (Samastipur) have been able to have free treatment for their disabilities.

The details about me are already on the website but I thought it would be a good place to mention that improving health is a very individual thing. And when I mention my own diet and share that I am plant based, it is what worked for me. I am equally aware that it is not an option everyone would want to choose. I have two lovely boys who love their fish, poultry and eggs and would not want to trade it for anything. So I get that, and cater for their health in ways that they prefer.

I feel it is important to understand that this is where a personalised plan is helpful. To look at the areas of health you would want to improve, according to what your routine is. I can then support setting goals or dietary plans based around what you want to achieve. I can prescribe lifestyle changes. I am a great fan of taking small steps and celebrating even the tiniest effort made in the right direction. Not forgetting that life is never a straight line and kindness to our own self is always a priority.

Some months back I did a short survey to get to know what sort of things people were interested in. I got over 200 responses which has helped me learn that it is not just diet or nutrition people are keen to know about. Stress, various chronic diseases and sleep issues were amongst some of the repeated themes.

If you like anything I post or the blog raises some questions, please do reach out to ask. If you are wondering how I could help your wellbeing, you could book a free 20-minute discovery call by emailing on the address below. Connecting is always good.


Welcome to my new adventure!