It has been a great pleasure to have worked with Dr Anni Tripathi at the Jersey Practice for well over 12 years. During this period, I have found her to be unassuming, humble, polite and a calm General Practitioner who is very kind to her patients as well as colleagues.

Clinically she is a prolific reader and learner amassing an array of Diplomas under her belt, the most recent being a foray into lifestyle medicine which I have benefitted from through her advices and which I think would become medicine of the future. Another aspect of her journey which I have observed is her flair and the powerful use of the language which when developed and nurtured could see her as an excellent writer. Anni has an excellent work, social and family life balance which she has been able to combine effectively to my admiration.

A caring, knowledgeable, dedicated Doctor with a good listening ear is what is needed in a good primary care physician and Dr Anni Tripathi possesses all these qualities and attributes and I recommend her very highly