I contacted Dr. Tripathi to discuss a natural way to alleviate menopause symptoms and stress caused by a very demanding job.

Anni asked me to fill in a general form about myself, my daily routines, habits, work etc. prior to our first meeting.

To my surprise, during our first session, Anni seemed had grasped a lot more information from that form that I would have imagined, and gave me some truly helpful advice about how to effectively target stress and menopausal symptoms like weight gain, fatigue and mood swings. Through a balanced diet, exercise and more time spent on activities that positively influence my mood.

Small changes are easy to implement and maintain, and I am certainly feeling much better now that I have slightly adjusted my daily routine.

Anni is very gentle, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable, I would thoroughly recommend her services to anyone who suffers from stress, anxiety and other symptoms caused by the menopause.