I’m logged out of my laptop this weekend due to a silly update! So I wasn’t able write the blog I had planned.

I’m still wanting to write ….this is plan B.

Some years ago, I was reading this book where the author talks about her friendships. I was quick to judge and negatively review the book, thinking why would anyone want to read about mundane day to day stuff about another person’s life. But as I got deeper into the book I laughed and cried, sometimes both at the same time. The book made me reach out for the phone, I connected to my best friends…and OMG! the joy they bring to my days.

To be childish, young and myself all at the same time -is just an amazing lift. 

Somewhere along growing up, looking after my boys, finding my own lost self, I had forgotten the power good positive connections bring to each day. It’s like the shared laughter, memories and moods all string together to add sparkle to the moments.

This weekend as I could not be hooked to technology, I went for lunch with my son, I spoke to some school friends ( who are soon visiting me… so excited!) and got lost in memory lane with some college friends for hours!The songs, the teachers, the luxury of leg pulling without a worry….left me smiling the whole day.

Positive social connections is an important pillar of wellbeing!

It’s never too late to connect.

Reach out and surround yourself with people who uplift you, share your journey with what matters to you, who are happy when you grow and hold hands when you are low, who love you as you are….coz what you get out of it is pure bliss! ….there’s no need for a plan/ diet / coaching or a gym.

By the way I did change the review of the book. 

It’s called – ‘It’s all about the little things’ by Melanie Shankle.

I’m so grateful for the glitch in my laptop.😇

Have a beautiful week and stay connected!